Healthy Living Has Benefits

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There is no question that a healthy life style makes you healthier in general. Statistics show that the healthier you are the fewer health issue you will have. Developing a healthy lifestyle can be accomplished by considering the following: Eating out the right way Everyone likes to eat out. However, people who eat out more… Read more »

Why You Need Replacement Cost Coverage

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Your home is your single most important investment. You purchase insurance to cover unforeseen disasters such as fire, theft and water damage. Having the right insurance will give you the added comfort of knowing you can replace your home and personal belongings should a disaster happen. PlatinumOne Insurance Agency always recommends you have replacement cost… Read more »

Winter Driving Safety Tips

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As we move into fall and winter, Platinum One Insurance offers these reminders for your safety. We have access to very competitive auto rates. We offer great service at affordable prices. Remember; get to where you are going safely. Winter driving safety tips: Don’t drive while if you are tired. Keep your tank full of… Read more »