A New Year… Let’s Get Your Insurance Right

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As we move into a new year, I hope that every insurance agent and insurance buyer thinks about how they view their relationships.  Let us get away from the clever insurance advertisement’s attempts to bring our products and services down to the lowest common denominator, price, and commodity.  Insurance products and services are used to… Read more »

Is Your Business Ready For 2020?

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The world is changing, and we understand the issues your business faces every day. There is constant competition for your customers, there are challenges in attracting and retaining top employees, and your cost of goods keeps going up. Part of your planning should include an annual commercial insurance review. Your business changes, and so do… Read more »

Criminals Are Holiday Shopping Too!

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Personal Insurance and Safety Update Halloween is over and that means we are in the middle of the holiday season.  During the next 45 days, we will all be busy shopping, eating out, and traveling.  Thieves know that the police are overloaded during the holiday season, and they take full advantage it.  Burglars know that… Read more »

How To Reduce Your Company’s Cyber Risk

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How to Reduce Your Company’s Cyber Risk Cyber risk is a topic that keeps evolving. At this point, we believe that every business needs to have cyber liability insurance. The methods that the cyber criminal’s use is always changing and we are constantly researching the latest prevention trends. Cyber Risks Are Growing Russian hackers recently… Read more »

Avoid Identity Theft

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Avoid Identity Theft The credit card industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.  According to a recent survey, the average American household has 2.6 credit cards. People should take note that one of the most prevalent credit card scams in society today is identity theft. In fact, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million U.S…. Read more »

Identity Theft From PlatinumOne Insurance

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 According to most experts identity theft is on the increase. Your identity is one of your most important assists. Violation of your identity is frightening and can be costly, but most consumers tell themselves it cannot happen to them. PlatinumOne Insurance can provide you with insurance solutions for your identity theft risks. There are… Read more »

Business Insurance Offers Many Benefits

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We know choosing the right Commercial Insurance for your new business is an important decision. PlatinumOne Insurance has the experience to market your Commercial Insurance and provide you with options for your new business. Whether you’re a store owner, distributor, office professional, or wholesaler, you need Commercial Insurance to protect you and your new business… Read more »