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According to most experts identity theft is on the increase. Your identity is one of your most important assists. Violation of your identity is frightening and can be costly, but most consumers tell themselves it cannot happen to them. PlatinumOne Insurance can provide you with insurance solutions for your identity theft risks. There are a number of ways to provide the protection you need.

Ben Weitzenkorn, a contributor to TechNewsDaily, reports, “Identity theft in the United States rose to a three-year high in 2012, with more than 5 percent of the adult population, or 12.6 million people, falling victim to such crimes, says a new survey. That’s up from 4.9 percent in 2011 and 4.35 percent in 2010.”  Here is another interesting fact. Over 24% of identity thefts occur from people you know.

Here are a few recent headlines that should catch your attention:

  • Miami Man Charged in $12 Million Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud Scheme Involving Thousands of Fraudulently Obtained U.S. checks.
  •  2 men accused of identity theft ring on trial.
  •  Seven charged with identity theft inside Davis County Jail.

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. Here are a few:

  1. Consider adding Identity Theft Insurance from to your insurance policy.
  2. Create a PIN that is not too easy to crack, i.e. don’t use “(yourname)123”
  3. Don’t give out your Social Security number to people you don’t know.
  4. Consider reducing the credit cards in your wallet. Only travel with what you need.
  5. Shred all financial statements before placing in trash.
  6. Check your credit report annually.
  7. Don’t put your birthday on your social media site.
  8. Be careful about opening links you find in emails, know the source.
  9. Destroy digital data.
  10. 10. Be diligent about checking statements. Review all transactions monthly.