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One of our partners is Encompass Insurance Company. They recently offered some very good information regarding cyber liability or identity theft. With all the recent cyber breaches we are all becoming more interested in protecting our identity. We want to provide a few tips to help you protect yourself against identity theft.

Cyber liability insurance should be part of your business insurance as well as your personal insurance programs.

Creating and maintaining a safe and secure cyberspace is key to preventing your private information—such as your Social Security Number and your bank account numbers—from landing in the hands of individuals who would use it for their benefit. The concepts of fraud and identity theft aren’t new, but the proliferation of internet connected devices has made it increasingly easy for people to fall victim to potentially damaging scams.

Identify Theft Prevention Tips

  • Don’t open emails from people you don’t know
  • Update passwords on a regular basis
  • Don’t use common number or familiar words for passwords, here is an example of a good password; Txc78#jKLK20
  • Never offer personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or your Social Security Number to anyone who contacts you via email.
  • Protect your computer with an anti-virus scanner.

Threats to cybersecurity can put not only your private information at risk, but can also jeopardize the safe operation of the infrastructure of the company. For this reason, it’s everyone’s shared responsibility to educate themselves on the best ways to remain cyber safe, whether at home or at work. To learn more about staying safe online, visit

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