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We all need auto insurance to protect us from accidents and injuries. Auto insurance comes in all shapes and sizes.  It seems impossible to actually go online and try to secure the right auto insurance for our needs.  Do I have the right coverage? Do I have enough coverage? What about the special equipment I have added to my car, is that covered? These and other questions never seem to be answered, unless you have a licensed, professional agent to help you through the process.

Auto Insurance Realities and Myths

We want to set the record straight by examining a few auto insurance myths and realities.

  • Myth – Buying insurance online is better. Would you go to a web page to diagnose your illness and then select from a drop down list for your treatment? That is what online insurance buying is like.  Call your local independent agent so we can help design the right combination of coverage and price.  We have access to multiple markets, not just one. Cheap auto insurance seems great until you have a loss.
  • Reality – Personal information and your driving record are used to determine your auto insurance premiums.
  • Myth -Bright colored cars cost more to insure. Wrong. Premiums are based on the type of vehicle you have, its value, where you live, and other factors.
  • Reality – Getting more than three quotes does not take you a lot of time. As an independent agent, we shop all our markets for you, and provide the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.
  • Myth – Insurance companies are all the same. Some insurers specialize in motorcycles, some have better rates for seniors, and some can insure your classic car.  We understand that all insurance companies are different and offer different products and services.
  • Reality – If you live in the city, chances are you will pay more for your auto insurance than if you live outside the city.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Brad Runnebaum and Jeff Hartman established PlatinumOne Insurance Agency in 2008. We have established relationships with some of the top carriers in the industry including Travelers, Allied, Kemper, Encompass, Progressive and many others.